Wednesday, May 8, 2013

easy washi tape kids scrapbook journal {make every moment count}

Happy National Scrapbook Month! With a challenge from Michaels to make every moment count, I decided to get my kids involved in my endeavor. Having all boys, I knew they wouldn't be into creating a typical scrapbook and it would definitely be too time intensive for them. So I set out to make an easy scrapbook with more of a journal feel so they could get excited about preserving their favorite memories!

I created an easy washi tape scrapbook journal that my boys loved creating! All you need is a few simple supplies. I picked up a few natural composition notebooks, washi tape, craft markers, and embellishments.

I let my boys decide how they wanted to cover their notebooks with washi tape. My oldest wanted a diagonal design so he chose a couple washi tape designs that he wanted and we got taping! We just taped all the way across the book in diagonal lines and alternated between two different washi tapes.

After we got the notebook completely covered, we added a wood letter and burlap sticker that my son picked out. The letter was just plain wood, so my son wanted to color it with a gold craft marker.

After the outside of the book was finished, we started adding pictures inside and then let my son write about what was happening in the picture and his favorite memories of those moments. It is a great way for kids to relate the experiences to go back and read later and it is a fun way to get them involved in simple scrapbooking and journaling!

Here is the book I helped my other son design. He wanted his washi tape in horizontal lines and he wanted spaces left between each row of tape. I love how it turned out!

The great thing about these easy kids scrapbooks is that they can customize them any way they want. The possibilities are endless! Celebrate National Scrapbook Month by getting your kids involved and making a simple easy scrapbook or journal and make every moment count!

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3 Responses to “easy washi tape kids scrapbook journal {make every moment count}”

Andy said...

I did a similar book for myself last year. I printed a summers worth of instagrams and put them all in a small scrapbook. I love this idea of having the kids make their own though.

Breesmimi said...

I love that you introduced your sons to journals by letting them create their own with washi tape. What a great way to inspire young ones to write and to be creative.


Loved your idea..Thanks for sharing..:)


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