Monday, July 9, 2012

diy star wars shirt {with decoart ink effects}

My boys love anything having to do with Star Wars. Buying all the licensed toys, legos, shirts and everything can get pretty expensive! When I recently received the new DecoArt Ink Effects line to try out, I new right away that I had to do something with Star Wars. Using a page from my son's Star Wars coloring book and paint from DecoArt Ink Effects, I made a Star Wars shirt!

Here is what I received from DecoArt Ink Effects to try out. Ink Effects paint in an assortment of all colors, and the Ink Effects Basecoat to use on fabrics more than 30% cotton.

The first thing I did was decide which coloring pages I wanted to paint and found the colors of paint that I wanted to use and I got to work painting the page!

Keep in mind that I decided not to paint the word yoda onto the shirt, but if you did want to, you would have to reverse the letters so they wouldn't show up backwards on the shirt when it is transferred.

Tip: Be very liberal in the paint that you apply. The darker and more richly you paint the image, the better. Keep in mind that the paint won't transfer as boldly as you paint it.

Also note that if you want the outer edges of the coloring page to show up, you must paint them! Any in between details that are not painted in a different color will not show up.

The DecoArt Ink Effects work best on fabric that is no more than 30% cotton. However, you can use it on other fabrics, you just have to be sure you apply the Ink Effects Basecoat. Spray it over the entire area of the fabric that you want to transfer paint onto. It needs to completely dry before the image is transferred.

After you have finished painting the image, let it dry completely.  When it is completely dry and the basecoat is completely dry (if using it) then you are ready to transfer the image. Lay the image face down onto your fabric and cover it with another sheet of plain paper. Iron all over the surface for 3 minutes and apply a little bit of pressure. Make sure you get all areas of the painting.

Then peel off the painting and your image will be on the fabric! My son loves his shirts and next time I think I will let him paint with DecoArt Ink Effects for an original painting he makes to be transferred! It is such a fun way to preserve kids art or to make custom items that they want.

For more tips and project ideas visit DecoArt Ink Effects on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with DecoArt and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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3 Responses to “diy star wars shirt {with decoart ink effects}”

Colleen said...

great looking T Shirts

Wendy said...

Very cute! These paints are awesome; my mind is swirling with ideas on how to use them!

Missy said...

That is such a cool idea!! I love how they came out. These could be used for so many neat things... oh boy, here we go!

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