Friday, May 25, 2012

eFoodsDirect {review & special offer}

Over the past 30 years the founders of eFoodsDirect have helped people become more secure and confident with their greatest dependency—food. eFoodsDirect is passionate about helping people find simple, affordable meals they can store at home. They believe in three principles: Serve, Save, and Share—Serve great food and one another, Save for unforeseen circumstances that lie ahead, and Share the message of gaining control of your food supply and be less dependent on others. eFoods' mission is to empower every family to have food security in the case of storms, natural disasters, or even financial crises like shrinking income or the loss of a job.

Recently, I received meals from eFoodsDirect to try out in my own home. I couldn't believe when I got the pouches just how simple it was! We tried the tortilla soup and the creamy potato soup and you literally just boil some water and empty the contents of the pouch in. 15 minutes and the meal was on the table for my family! It was perfect because we had a very busy night of swim lessons and homework and had it not been for these quick soups, we would have been heading through a drive-thru!

The best part was, everyone thought it was delicious! When my boys are all happy with the same meal, I know it was a big success! The only thing I had a problem with was that had I not cooked both soups, we would have not had enough food, but we are a family of 5. So, I was happy I had both soups for everyone to fill up on. 

I do love that the food comes in small pouches. It is very easy to store and since it is compact, you can store a lot without taking up much space. The food also has a good shelf life. 

Right now, in remembrance of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan a year ago, eFoodsDirect also created special family preparedness offers for you readers! Visit the eFoodsDirect offers page. Don't forget to enter the special coupon codes, Food40 and Food50, when ordering to get this memorial discount!

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One Response to “eFoodsDirect {review & special offer}”

Angie said...

Didn't eFoods changed their name to Go Foods this last January? Or maybe it's a seperate company. I'm a rep for GoFoods ( We LOVE the food! It's the best way for me to get food storage and 72 hour kits...!

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