Thursday, March 22, 2012

make a spring moss wreath {tutorial}

I've been wanting to make a mossy wreath for ages, like the ones you see in expensive catalogs like Ballard Design, but I thought would be way too difficult and time-consuming to glue on all those tiny chunks of moss. I didn't realize the moss is actually in a big sheet--I was expecting tiny pieces that would take forever to glue on. So while J was napping, I grabbed some glue and went to town! Here's how to make an Easter moss wreath for just a few bucks.

Spring or Easter Moss Wreath Tutorial

*Wreath form (I used a 12" Styrofoam wreath that I got 50% off at JoAnn)
*1 package floral moss
*Craft glue (like Tacky glue or Martha Stewart's Glitter Glue)
*Decorative Easter eggs (foam works best)
*Floral wire
*Ribbon for hanging

1. Unwrap the moss sheet. It's okay if it breaks up a little--you're going to tear it into smaller sections anyway. You should probably cover your work surface or do this outside--it's a little messy.

 2. Cover a small section of your wreath with glue. My Glittering Glue by Martha Stewart has a built-in brush, but you could use a foam brush and Tacky Glue. (I left the very back of the wreath with nothing on it.) 

3. Break off a piece of moss about the same size as the area you covered with glue. Press it down and hold for a moment until it sticks.

Continue around the wreath until covered. Fill in any holes if necessary.

4. If you're attaching eggs, cut three-3" pieces of floral wire and push one into the bottom of each egg.

 5. Push the ends of the wire into the wreath to secure eggs.

 6. Hang with a ribbon tied in a cute bow. 

I hung mine as part of my Easter mantel (still a work in progress). You're not getting sick of my picture frame with sheet music background, are you? I can't believe how well it's worked for Christmas, Valentine's, and now Easter! Okay, call me lazy, but it's working for me!

Who knew it would be so easy to make a fancy moss wreath? I'm in love with it. I think after Easter I'll pull out the eggs and leave the wreath up a little longer.

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5 Responses to “make a spring moss wreath {tutorial}”

Allison said...

So pretty! I had to read this post because I was just amazed at the amount of time it takes to wrap one of those foam wreath forms in yarn!!!

Natalie said...

I love this. Just finished making some topiaries and have some moss left over, perfect project. Here's a tip I discovered. Straight pins work great for applying the moss to the foam as well, and don't leave your hands all sticky!

Sharon said...

Oh, now that is beautiful in it's simplicity! I believe even I can do this one. It's expected to rain tomorrow, think I'll hit the craft store and make one. Thanks for the tutorial!


fernandflora said...

what a lovely wreath! I need something new for my front door for spring and this might just be the one!

Mandi said...

Found your idea on Pinterest and am trying it out tonight! Beautiful! I love your whole set up with the frames and jar of flowers. Think I'd like to follow your blog! Super cute Stuff!

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