Tuesday, March 13, 2012

feeling lucky?

Do you believe in luck? I know some people don't like the term, they would prefer to call it fate, the power of the Universe, or God. Everyone has a different view. I do feel lucky when I have those near misses or barely wins in my life. Running down the stairs and catching myself before I fall. Lucky me. Catching someone you need on the phone right before they leave. Lucky. Winning a giveaway. Lucky!

There are not too many times in my life that I actually feel very lucky. It usually seems like I am on the opposite end of luck. I always ask my mom, who are those lucky people who get their mail delivered earlier than everyone else? Mine comes at 4:00 or later on most days. When you have a delivery guy coming to your home and he says you need to be home between 12 and 5, who is the lucky person who actually gets the guy to show up at noon? It seems I am always waiting til 5:05 before he arrives. Who are those lucky people who win the Publisher's Clearinghouse? Not me. Ok, well I admit...I have never entered. Usually I am not on the lucky side of things.

Last year, however I did get to feel that lucky feeling when I was with a group of friends and won a large giveaway at an event we attended. It felt great! I couldn't believe I had actually won something and that luck had been on my side for once.

So, if you are feeling you might have some luck on your side (you know, St. Patrick's day is almost here!) then head on over to the International Delight Facebook page and enter the International Delight Luck of the Irish Contest, for a chance to win a trip for two to Ireland! And while you're at it, check out International Delight on Pinterest too!

Now, tell me about the last time good luck was on your side?
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