Sunday, February 12, 2012

love notes valentine tree {valentine's craft}

One of my favorite photography blogs gave me a brilliant idea for this week's family home evening activity (we set aside one night a week for a family activity and lesson). Rebecca Cooper of Simple As That made a darling Valentine's tree with simple paper hearts, and tied it into a wonderful video message entitled "What Matters Most." (If you don't know Rebecca, check out her blog. You are going to love her!)

We watched this short message and then wrote messages of love to each other on the back of simple paper hearts (that I had prepared earlier--believe me, we would not have made it through the activity if I had my kids make them). My boys absolutely loved writing these little notes, and even more, they loved reading the ones written to them! It was so sweet, and the little Valentine's tree on the mantel reminds us each day about all the love feel for each other in our family, and how important it is to share that love with each other daily. I love this new Valentine's tradition! We really needed it in our family (there was way too much fighting over the Wii going on this week). Maybe it's just what your family needs, too!

Here's what you need to do this project:

*Paper hearts, decorated or not, it's up to you
*Hole punch
*String or yarn
*Dry branches from the yard
*Vase or jar filled with marbles or rocks
*Pens or pencils

I made my own heart template, traced it onto various patterned papers, and cut them out. Then I totally copied Rebecca's hearts and included a little banner for the name of the person and glued it on front. I finished them off with a button or mini staple for a little interest. Simple and easy, but cute!

Next, punch a hole in the heart and tie a 6" piece of baker's twine, string, or yarn through it for a hanger.

Have each family member write at least one message to every other family member, telling them what they love about them or something sweet.

Fill a jar or vase with floral marbles (I found these red ones at Walmart for around $3) or rocks. Place dry branches in the vase or jar and arrange. I felt extra lucky that we've had such a mild winter so I could easily find dry branches. Hang your hearts on the tree and put it somewhere everyone can see!

I didn't have a chance to finish all my ideas for the mantel, but here's something I carried over from my Christmas mantel that only took about 3 mintues. Remember how it looked with the ornament in the center? I simply replaced the ornament with a glittered Styrofoam heart and some Eiffel tower ribbon to match my Valentine's theme. I just tied the ribbon on the frame and used a pin to attach the heart. Easy peasy!

Happy Valentine's day!

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5 Responses to “love notes valentine tree {valentine's craft}”

Tatkis said...

Adorable Valentine tree!


505whimsygirl said...

What a nice post. How sweet to write messages on the back of the hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.


SoSoBella said...

love that tree!!!

rebecca said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this little tradition! It's one my kids love so much! Your tree is so darling. Thank you for sharing and for your sweet words about my blog. :)

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Such a sweet idea! Love the tree and the papers you used. I think my boys would like doing this!

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