Thursday, February 2, 2012

framed hearts valentine decor {tutorial}

I was able to finish another Valentine's craft yesterday while baby was sleeping. I actually had time to create this piece of framed art, clean a bathroom, change the sheets on the bed, make a phone call to a friend, and eat lunch while he was asleep! Of course I paid for it last night when he was wide awake about 2:00am. Oh well--he is so cute I don't care! This easy framed heart Valentine project is reminiscent of the easy Valentine cards and embroidery hoop Valentine art I showed you how to make last year, and it's just as quick and easy. Enjoy!

Framed Hearts Valentine Decor Tutorial

* 5x7 frame
* Used book page or sheet music to fit in your frame
* Various patterned papers and card stock 
* Heart punch (mine is from Stampin' Up!) or die cut, or heart template to trace and cut out
* Glue stick (I love the Anywhere Glue Stick from Stampin' Up!)
* Sewing machine and thread (I used red to coordinate with my papers)
* Ruler and pencil

1. Punch hearts out of patterned paper and card stock. I did 12 hearts total--8 in plain red and 4 in patterned papers. Punch the number of hearts that fit best if your frame.

2. Cut your book page to fit your frame. Arrange hearts on the paper, using a ruler if necessary, to line them up. 

3. Use a glue stick in the center only of each heart to adhere them to the page. You mostly want to just keep them in place while you sew them on the page.  

4. Use a ruler and a pencil to draw a straight line through the center of the hearts. I extended the line about 1/2" above and below the top and bottom hearts. 

5. Sew down the center of your lines with your sewing machine and coordinating thread. 

6. To add a little dimension, I popped up just the patterned hearts by folding them toward the center. 
7. Put your page in your frame. I put the glass from the frame behind the page so the page would stay put better (and so it wouldn't get broken--I'm sure I'll use the frame for something else later!).

This easy project works perfectly with my Valentine's mantel, which is coming along slowly but surely!

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19 Responses to “framed hearts valentine decor {tutorial}”

Unknown said...

So cute. Love this!

Bethany @happyhomemakerme said...

I love this! It is so pretty :)

Thanks for sharing!

♥ Bethany

Jane Delcambre said...

It's a wonderful idea. Love the frame very much.

Anonymous said...

Thats so cute! I recently bought a heart punch and haven't been able to stop using it lol

Unknown said...

ooh thats lovely! I love your use of a book page as a background - love a good up-cycling project!

Anonymous said...


Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

This is lovely!



Tara said...

great idea! love this.

Sundi @ The Life of a Cheap Chickadee said...

I adore your blog! I just made some candle covers using this same idea. I REALLY like this though!

marie said...

This is adorable...thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

I LOVE the frame! So dang vintage looking:) Stop by and link this up at Friday Frolic! Would love to have you:)

Simone @ Busy as a Honey Bee said...

So cute! You could even make this into a greeting card by mounting it onto a pre-folded card! Love it!

-Simone @

The Davidsons said...

You are so creative, I love your blog. I had a question regarding the zig zag quilt tutorial. I cut out all the fabric for the zig zag quilt tutorial about 7 months ago. I am just now wanting to start sewing the quilt but the tutorial, which used to be on your website is gone. Is there anyway I can find this tutorial again? Thanks! Tia

able mabel said...

So simple but so pretty!

-Sydney- said...

so cute! seems like drawing the lines first would help you line up the hearts before gluing

Homemade Heather said...

Love it! Thanks for the fab tutorial ~ I'm your newest follower!!

Unknown said...

Oh, that is so cute!
This would be perfect for spring too, if you were to put little flowers instead. Thanks for the great tutorial!

Hafsah @ IceyBooks

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

I LOVE this idea! I don't know how I'm just finding you now, I love all of your ideas. So fun. Happy to be your newest follower. :)

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