Monday, December 6, 2010

scotch tape giveaway winners!

Wow, so fun to be able to pick 10 winners for our Scotch tape giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered, and for all the sweet comments about the window. You all need to send me pictures of yours when you get them done!

Okay, it's time to announce the winners of 10 rolls of double-sided tape from Scotch. Congrats to:

Whosies who said:
can you really have to much tape? I am always on the hunt for it--- those darn kids and their own projects!

Becky R who said:
I love this frame. Ane we can always use tape.

Michelle Evans who said:
everyone at my house loves tape! i just bought a silhouette machine too, so i'm excited to try these cool paper flowers. thanks for the fun tutorials and the deal info and giveaways :)

Shana who said:
your window is adorable, great work! i live in minnesota, so naturally am a 3m fan (do you know what the 3 m's are? minnesota mining and manufacturing . . . in case you care.)
double sided tape is a splendid invention, i must say!

erinairout who said:
Tape is our number one must have! And better yet it is Scotch brand. I've tried the off brand tapes and they just don't work well at all. Loved the tutorial and will keep in mind using tape for "temporary" decorating ideas so that future updates can be made.

N Godown who said:
I love little birdie secrets and I love scotch tape. What could be better??!!

Rebekah who said:
Double-sided tape makes wrapping a breeze. We sure could use some around our house.

Lindsay Knauff who said:
You can never have too much scotch tape! Thanks for the giveaway :-)

Warne Family who said:
Love your window! Hope I win!

Jennifer Prescott who said:
Ok seriously, double sided Scott tape would be AWESOME! I'm always doing crafts and am in need of it! Also, I adore your window and want to make one SO bad!!!

Okay winners, send us an e-mail so we can get your tape to you! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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3 Responses to “scotch tape giveaway winners!”

Warne Family said...

YA! I won! Thank you!!


Becky R said...

I won. Yippee! Becky R

818 10th Street
Union Beach, NJ 07735

Michelle Evans said...

Yay! I really do love tape!

1199 Anna Ln SE
Salem, OR 97306

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