Monday, December 6, 2010

holly berries baby hat and the paige scarf crochet patterns

Christmas is almost here, which means it's crochet-mania at my house! I love curling up on the couch with a crochet pattern, turning on the fireplace and the latest episode of Burn Notice, and staying up way too late creating something out of a yummy yarn. Good times!

Lots of cold weather in Seattle means new patterns are in the shop! I finally had time to format the PDFs this weekend, and I've got a couple more patterns that will be up later this week. 'Tis the season for crocheting!

Holly Berries Christmas Cap Crochet Pattern

This cute hat pattern also includes the pattern for these festive holly berries and leaves! You attach them to a clip so you can remove them and baby can wear the hat at any time of year!

Thread different colors of ribbon through the spaces so it matches any outfit.

The Paige Circular Scarf Pattern
Need a quick and easy Christmas gift? The Paige Circular Scarf pattern uses a fat hook and chunky yarn, so it comes together quick! I wear this scarf around the house almost every day (I'm always cold--just ask my husband!). I love it because I never have to worry about the ends hanging down and getting in the way when I'm doing dishes or cleaning the toilet, and my neck is always warm. And it can be worn wrapped two or three times for different looks!

Sneak peek! Here are two more patterns due in the shop this week--check back soon!

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4 Responses to “holly berries baby hat and the paige scarf crochet patterns”

Tara @ Tara Being Tara said...

Your holly berries cap is adorable!!!

Jen said...

How sweet is that little holly hat? Too cute! :)

soybeanlover said...

I love the hat! What is the pattern like? My MIL is Japanese and doesn't know how to read US patterns. Is it visual or words?

Tammie said...

I bought this hat pattern from you back when you had it in your shop I think I also order the Ava slippers. I am now ready to make it and I have searched my computer high and low and can't find the patterns anywhere I'm not sure what happened. Do you have any record of my purchase? Is there anyway it could be resent to me? The email I probably used for the order would have been ryandtam at yahoo dot com Thanks so much!

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