Wednesday, October 1, 2008

button hair bands / pony tail holders

We wanted a bright and cheery way to dress up girls' hair as the gray clouds settle in for Fall in Seattle. These fabric-covered button hair bands are just the thing.

If you saw our tutorial on fabric-covered button thumbtacks and magnets, you'll notice this is the same process minus one step. Instead of removing the metal loop on the back of the button, leave it in place. Then cover your button with your fabric of choice. To add the elastic, thread one end part way through the metal loop, then slip the other end of the elastic through the loop it formed and pull it tight. So darn easy we hardly believe it ourselves.

Make a fun variation by using a silk flower. Position your elastic on the back of the flower, then cover it with a small piece of felt that has been coated with a strong craft glue to secure. Easy peasy!

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7 Responses to “button hair bands / pony tail holders”

Celia said...

I love how you covered the buttons and all the ponytails are amazing! They look so fresh and fun! Will make some for sure!

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...


That's one of those things I look at and think, just how did they DO that? said...

What a sweet project! SO great for uncoming holiday gifts! I'll be linking to this!

Anonymous said...

This is the best example I have seen of how to do this so far! I cannot wait to give it a try as I only wear my hair up! Thanks for sharing!

Toni Camp said...

I love your fabrics! Where do you get find them!!??? So cute!

daniel john said...

I love how you covered the button and all the ponytails are amazing.
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Karen said...

What I dont get though is how you join the elastic together though. Any ideas?
They look gorgeous! Love the fabrics!

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