Friday, August 15, 2014

Gummy VItamins in Disney and Marvel Shapes {NatureSmart}

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With three boys in my house life can get pretty hectic, especially in summer. We are often out having fun at the beach or pool and playing for long hours each day! Sometimes I am too exhausted to cook dinner on those nights, or we are rushing off to another activity so we grab takeout or I whip up something really quick. I always try to include some fruits and veggies but let’s be honest, sometimes it is just hard to ensure my kids are getting all the vitamins they need. My doctor has recommended giving vitamins to my boys and then when they are picky about certain foods I can still feel good that they are getting what they need.

Vitamins can be kind of yucky tasting though and it can be hard to get your kids to eat them! My boys love Disney and Marvel so when I saw Gummy Vitamins in Disney and Marvel shapes, I was super excited to try them out!

Of course they love the Marvel ones the best because they think they are so cool, but they aren’t ashamed to eat the princess ones either! They have different flavors and my boys love them all! They actually beg me to eat their vitamins which is wonderful.  I am so happy they enjoy them and they think they are so fun.

I also love that the bottle has a viewing tool on the side so you can see how many vitamins are left in the bottle and know when to buy more.

If you have a kid who is picky about vitamins I urge you to try the Gummy Vitamins in Disney and Marvel shapes. Not only will they love the fun shapes and familiar characters, but they will love the taste!

Disney Elements ©Disney,
Disney/Pixar Elements ©Disney/Pixar
Manufactured by NatureSmart, LLC
©MARVEL Manufactured by Rexall Sundown, Inc.

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One Response to “Gummy VItamins in Disney and Marvel Shapes {NatureSmart}”

Joanne said...

Just be careful with the gummy vitamins. Our dentist asked if we used them (we don't) and he said he just wanted to make sure we knew that he's seen an increase in tooth decay among children who use gummy vitamins. He said that if we did decide to use them, that it would be better for our kids to ingest them near to a time when their teeth would be brushed and def not before bedtime.

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