Friday, March 8, 2013

cre8time project {with Michaels}

Have you heard of the CRE8TIME Campaign? The Craft and Hobby Association recently launched its new campaign CRE8TIME, dedicated to reclaiming your creativity, and Michaels is joining the movement. 

CRE8TIME is a movement, a movement supported by a group of people who want to make a positive social change. As our lives become increasingly crowded with “responsibilities,” we tend to ignore ourselves and find it difficult to justify creative pursuits; they seem “selfish” and are often the first things we discard. It’s time to reclaim our creativity! It is designed to help people recover eight hours a month and devote it to their particular craft, and to create a place for them to share their experiences – the joys, lessons, and results – with the creative community at large.

So, with a challenge from Michaels,  I am reclaiming my creativity and challenging myself to find more time to create. It doesn't have to be some major project and there doesn't have to be a bunch of pressure on myself to do it perfectly but just to carve out more time to create some things I love! One of the first things on my list is to make a bunch of cards. My handmade card stash is seriously dwindling and I need to re-stock! Here are some cards I plan on using as inspiration...

I also went to Michaels and bought a bunch of supplies to get another craft project started....

You will get to see the full project next week after I have finished. Creating really is an important part of my life and there is something special about spending some time after my boys are in bed to lose my mind in a project that fulfills me. I feel more relaxed and happy as a I create and that quiet time to clear my head is so necessary. I hope you will be able to carve out some time in your day to reclaim your creativity as well!

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flowerpalace said...

9696Wow!! What a sinch that Washi tape card is! Love it!! Tat would be a great one for when you're rushing to get out the door! Thanks

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