Monday, September 17, 2012

bright birthday cards {with EKSuccess Tools}

I have been needing to replenish my birthday card stash for quite awhile now. It is amazing how fast I go through them! Luckily, EKSuccess Tools recently mailed me some of their fabulous tools so I could get to work. Because we have been having gorgeous sunny weather here in Seattle, I decided to go with bright colors on my cards. Plus, birthdays should be bright and fun celebrations, right?

Here is the stash of supplies that EKSuccess Tools sent to me.

They really were perfect for helping me make these cards. The awesome part about these tools is that on the packaging they have QR codes that you can scan on your smartphone to get project ideas! How clever is that! It sends you to videos that offer ideas and help for some projects using the tools. Love it.

Let me take you through this first card that I made...

First I cut my card and then used the bone folder tool to make a crease. I love this tool!It makes the perfect, even crease without ripping the paper. The other end can be used to adhere rub-ons or for smoothing. It is really so versatile and a must-have tool.

Next I wanted to make punched strips of colored paper to place all across my card. This dot border punch was so cute, I really wanted to use it to make a big impact.

I love the punches. They are so easy to use since you can line up your paper to follow the line of pattern so you know you are getting the perfect, uniform punch each time.

I punched down one side of the strip of paper, then turned it around to punch the other side. Then I lined up and glued each strip onto my card.
I used the EKSuccess Tools retractable knife to trim off the little edges that I needed to precisely cut. I love this tool because it is very safe to use and has a little compartment with blades so you can keep them contained. It also has a part to put the used blades in.

Next, I cut some rectangular card stock and used the dual tip silver marker to write a Happy Birthday sentiment on the card. These markers are such a pretty color and I love that I can add a hand written message on cards.

I added a little ribbon bow, and then attached the message to my card using the EKSuccess Tools 3-D foam dot circles. I use these all the time! I love being able to add dimension to cards by popping items up. Makes cards so fun!

Voila...a Happy Birthday card!

My second card was super simple! I covered my card in patterned paper. Then laid a strip of white card stock across it. Then I used my EKSuccess Tools 1-inch circle punch to cut circles to place on the strip. I probably use this size punch more than any other. It is the perfect size for so many things!

I alternated between patterned circles and solid and then used my 3-D foam dot circles to pop them up across the paper. Add a ribbon, a sentiment, and you have another birthday card!

Somehow, I don't think these two cards are going to last me very long! I plan on making more in the very near future, and now I have so many perfect tools to help me out.

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with EKSuccess Tools and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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5 Responses to “bright birthday cards {with EKSuccess Tools}”

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Awe you did such a great job. I love those two cards. They are too dang cute! I need to go make me some that look like that!

eudoraa said...

very creative! what a great birthday cards (:

Heather - said...

Genius use of the edging punch! I love the stripes of color on that first card.

Katie said...

Love the idea of using the same punch with multiple colors of paper! Both cards are awesome!

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