Wednesday, August 17, 2011

share your back to school money saving advice

My son only has two weeks until school starts! This summer has really flown by and I cannot believe it's time to start shopping for school supplies!

He will be entering 2nd grade and will need quite a few new items. I always like to stock up on lunch items as well so I am set for the first bit of packing lunches. Buying all these items can add up quickly, and I like to save wherever I can. I am sure you fellow parents out there have some great tips for me. What do you do to save money on school supplies?

One thing I do is scour the Sunday ads. Office supply stores always have great deals this time of year, and often times I will buy large quantities of items so I will have them on hand all year. Then when my son needs to replenish his supplies at school, I don't have to go back to the store and pay full price. I even have some items saved up from last year that will save me money for this year! I have also noticed that many companies put out a lot of coupons on snacks and lunch items this time of year which is a big help to building cheaper lunches for my son.

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