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diy outdoor twister game tutorial {birthday bash guest post}

Today's guest blogger helping us celebrate our 3rd birthday is Tausha from Sassy Style Redesign. She been here before, so I know you already love her! Plus, if you live in Utah you might know her from craft segments of KSL's Studio 5 (I watch them online!). Not only is she utterly talented, she is hi-larious! Even though I haven't met her I feel like I know her, just from the way she writes. Enjoy some summer fun from Tausha!

Hey Birdie Readers! I am so excited to be here again!

I know that all of you love Little Birdie Secrets because of the fantastically talented chica's that run this blog and all of their ideas. So, I was flattered when they asked me to share a bit of crafty craziness!

Let me introduce myself.. My name is Tausha and I have the blog Sassy Style Redesign. This is where I post about my obsessions with using my glue gun, spray painting anything that doesn’t move, & my constant need to decorate then re-decorate.

I am a mom to 3 chickadees. My lovely little drama queens keep me on my toes and always stocked with hairspray and bobby pins.

My husband is wonderful and supportive of my NEED to create. He almost always does whatever crazy thing I ask him to do. (ha, you so know that I'm lying right?)
 No, he really is wonderful and I love him a LOT!

I love to decorate and redecorate my house AND other people's houses too. I had to branch out to other people's houses because I have run out of room, and I still have to feed my 
addiction to before and after process.

So, I started a business, so I could do just that. My mom and I work together as "re-decorator's" for our business Sassy Style. We specialize in coming into your home and redoing with what you have.We strive to give that cozy, homey, familiar feeling without breaking the bank.

When I am not redoing other people's homes, I am trying to redo my own.
(trying is the key word here..I change my mind a lot!)

I started with my $300 kitchen makeover
(if only it was this clean all the time)

 then I tackled my Craft Room. This room makes me happy and all of us should have a room that makes us happy..right?!

I also have an obsession with redoing furniture-it's bad, bad, bad!

My garage is looking more and more like the worst episode of Hoarders-minus the mice and nasty stuff.

Basically I am obsessed with more things than I am sure is healthy. I am sounding more and more like a total nut! Hope that wont deter you from coming and visiting me .

So, one day when I was spray painting, I thought that it would be totally rad if I made a Twister game on my grass with my trusty, rusty spray paint.

Yep-you read that right!

You can make your own huge, homemade, outdoor, Twister game!
(try saying that fast 3x)

This would be so fun for a family reunion, block party, school carnival-whatever really.

I talked about my opinions on spray painting .
You are all super smart now-when it comes to painting.
I know, you are so excited!

You can thank me later..

BUT..If you still are wanting to know some of my favorite tips and tricks and a couple more ideas on what else you can spray paint..check out Spray Paint 101!

Supplies needed to make Outdoor Twister:

A pizza box-or other piece of cardboard
Craft Knife
Large Mixing bowl-or something else that is round
Pen (I know, this is probably assumed-just trying to be thorough)
Red, blue, yellow and white spray paint
1 piece of paper
Container of some sort to hold the slips of paper.

OK-first thing you need to do-trace a circle (mixing bowl) on a lid of a pizza box or some other piece of cardboard.

Use your handy dandy craft knife/box cutter to cut it out.

Throw the circle away-now you are left with your circle stencil.

(I would have taken pics of this part-but...
I am pretty sure that you all know how to trace a circle and cut it out)

Now you are ready to paint.
My favorite part.


You really SHOULD use the Rustoleum 2x coverage paint for this project. The other brands did not cover as well.

I made my board in my back yard, but you can make it anywhere that 
you have a large enough piece of grass.

Let it be know that I am NOT a perfectionist.
I did NOT measure out my game board, or line up my circle in a perfectly straight line.
If you are one of those people who like super straight lines, you might want to measure.
If you are not one of those type of people-just go with the flow.

When you make your board-you need 4 columns. One column in each color.
You need to have 6 circles of each color.
Your game board will look like this.

Now you get to paint.
I just sprayed a circle, picked up the stencil and looked to see if it was straight.
(again, I am not a perfectionist-so "looking straight" was totally cool with me.
I did this with each color until I had 6 circles.

I did not have a twister twirly thing and I refused to pay $13 for a twister game.
So, my genius friend Bonnie suggested that I just use slips of paper.
I know, super smart right?

The kids made slips of paper that said: Head, Rt. Foot, Rt. Hand, Left. Foot, Left hand
They also made color slips- red, blue, yellow and white.
I put each set of strips in their own jar.
When it was time to play-the caller person, or whatever you want their title to be-pulled one slip out of each jar.

IE- Left Hand, Red

This was much easier than trying to make my own spinner or spending $13 on a new one.
I so love my smart friends!

Now-you will have a rockin back yard!
This could be a good or bad thing....
I had kids of all ages in my back yard.
Super fun!

Look at those young, spry, 15 yr, old boys. I so wish that my body would bend like that.
No, wait, I am totally OK with it not bending that way.

Your twister board will grow out in about 1 to 2 weeks.
The paint will NOT hurt your grass.
Repeat-the paint will not hurt your grass.

If you do this and your husband freaks out, he can totally call my husband. While they are talking about the fact that the paint will NOT ruin your lawn, they can discuss how totally crazy their wives are for spray painting a giant twister board in their yard.

Consider it male bonding time.
If you really want to have a good time-invite some friends over and you can all play twister.
Lets just say that I am not as bendy as I used to be.
Although, it was fun to watch people fall on their butts when they were reaching their left leg for white.

Think of it..

Funny, right?

I made all kinds of random, fun things with spray paint for the TV segment. 
Stay tuned to see what other randomness I came up with.


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3 Responses to “diy outdoor twister game tutorial {birthday bash guest post}”

Mercedes said...

That looks like a blast. What a great idea!

LMcBurney said...

What a super fun summer game for the youth group at church. You are very creative. Thanks for sharing!

KSK said...

great idea! and looks REALLY easy!

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