Tuesday, January 4, 2011

going through my stash {and making snuggies for kids!}

My husband has a New Year's resolution for me: de-stash my craft stash! I have to agree--it needs to be done before we move across the country this summer. So started with the yards of University of Utah fleece I bought on sale and finally made my kids the knock-off Snuggies (you know, the blankets with sleeves?) I promised them! Perfect for snuggling up and playing their new Wii.

I found a great pattern for the kid-sized Snuggie (or Snuglet) here and made a few modifications. Since my kids are young, they needed a smaller size. I changed the length of the fleece piece to 50" for my 7-year-old and 45" for my 5-year-old. Measure your child from shoulder to the floor and add a few inches for a custom fit. I also measured their arms and trimmed some length off them, too.

Secondly, I moved the arm holes up about 5 inches. They gave me more length and less bulk around their necks. Lastly, I added a strip of Velcro to the back so they would stay closed while they were wearing them. They kept walking around and complaining they were falling off (they don't stay sitting down for very long!).

We're Huskies now, and soon we'll be Hawkeyes, but we'll always be Utes (we've given them way too much money not to be loyal!). So of course we've already started indoctrinating our children. The leftover fabric was plenty to make them simple scarves and little pillows, so they can dream about their future college years at the greatest school on earth.

I noticed Hancock's Fabrics has licensed school fleece and cottons on sale this week, so go make a Snuggie and start showing your school spirit while lounging on the couch!

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17 Responses to “going through my stash {and making snuggies for kids!}”

Unknown said...

Mandy, your kids are so grown up and handsome! Loved your New Year's card! You look amazing! Congrads on your etsy patterns. They are selling like hotcakes!!! I hope Christian is almost done playing student and is ready to play 'Doctor." Thanks for sharing your talents and knowledge with the world.

Jen said...

Really cute. So hot here I can't even think about making them, but will bookmark for winter.
Jen & Row

Sara said...

Super cute. But it'd be so much better in blue and white with a Cougar on the front. :)

Mrs Gable said...

I love the snuggies! I have a USF one and love it!

Michelle H said...

Hawkeyes...are you moving to Iowa? I just got back from visiting my parents and sisters there. It's a great state!

Unknown said...

I agree, you must start the indoctrination young!
Go Utes!
Our eldest child was asked to support one of the two local universities for spirit day a few weeks ago... she did not wear either schools colors, but instead wore a Utah shirt and hat :) I'm sure she was the only one in school that day since we are in WA!
Love the snuggie, thanks for the link. I as well need to be cleaning down my crafting supplies before another move in August!

Launie said...

I must commend your choice in fabrics! We bleed Utah Red in our house, I am going to have to get to JoAnns. GO UTES!!!

emily @morefromthemoorefamily said...

very cute... if you don't like Hawkeyes you can always be a Panther (University of Northern Iowa- my alma-mater) or a Cyclone (Iowa State University). If you need "Iowa" tips, feel free to email me.... I've lived here my whole life and can't think of a place I'd rather be. ;)

Tami said...

Your boys are SO cute! Love looking at your blog!

Kiki Fangupo said...

LOVE those!! Gooooooo UTES! =)

Kristin said...

I am always on the lookout for things to make for my little guys; this is great! Thanks for sharing :o)

Odalis said...

Hi, Happy New Year to you and your family.
May the Lord smile :-)

Anonymous said...

Yep we bleed red at this house too! Gotta love our UTES baby! I am always excited to see anything handmande that has a "U" on it! Thanks for sharing! Great ideas!

Unknown said...

Go Utes! (just couldn't resist commenting once I saw that fabric! - but really cute stuff)

Melissa said...

Soooo cute! I live in Hawkeye country, but we're friendly as long as you're not a cyclone fan! :)

Jess said...

Love the snuggies! What a great idea - both the snuggies and going through your craft stash. I really need to do the same! i don't know where in Iowa you are moving but welcome. We live in Cedar Rapids and have for going on 4 years so if you are in this area and need any help feel free to email me. I know how hard it is to move to a new state! karlencreates AT gmail DOT com or www.karlencreates.com

Best wishes to you and your family!
~ Jess

Lettie B. said...

Utes = good. Hawkeyes = not so good.

From an Iowa Stater (turned Ute, once I moved away. My dad was a professor at Iowa State for many years)

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