Monday, January 25, 2010

cupcake night

I've been dying to visit a local cake supply store in North Seattle. I've driven by it a few times and always made a mental note to come back sometime and see what they had. Well, I finally made it in and I was impressed. They had so many goodies and fun things. I decided right away that I needed to pick up supplies for a fun family night of cupcake decorating.

I bought some pre-made fondant and the family had lot of fun turning them into neat little cupcake toppers. Thank you Flickr for all the inspiration. Just type in "fondant" in the search bar and you will have pages and pages of fun ideas and lovely pictures. I love being creative and I really love watching my kids get creative. Here's a few of our cupcakes from our decorating extravaganza.

This is made from chocolate fondant. If you can't find it, you can always warm up tootsie rolls and roll it out into shapes. This might make a great Super Bowl dessert.

This is my son's creation. He was inspired by Artisan Cake Company's Flickr picture of a manta ray and had to make one too. However, he wanted to go with a bolder color so we made a bright red one.

I helped little one with this. She really wanted a piggie cupcake. This was inspired by another Flickr picture who got her inspiration from another Flickr member (and so on and so on...).

This is dad's cupcake. He's the skier in the family so he went with simple coconut snow and vintage looking skier.

Sweet daughter decided to go with a floral theme.

Family night was a success and we are all recovering from sugar overload. I am now in love with working with fondant and want to make all my cakes and cupcakes with it. Also, I've heard great things about marshmallow fondant so that is now on my to-do list. If you have a great (and easy!) marshmallow fondant recipe I would love to know.

Yum! Yum!

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16 Responses to “cupcake night”

Nancy said...

Super cute!

Wendy said...

What's the name of the store? I'd love to check it out too :)

arkie said...

What fun! Very creative!

Hissyfits & Halos said...

Here's an easy marshmallow fondant recipe:

2 lb. bag of powdered sugar
16 oz. package mini marshmallows
4 Tbs water
(Crisco tub for hands and counter)

Melt the bag of mini marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl, with 2 Tbs water for 2 mins.

Add 3/4 bag of the powdered sugar to the melted marshmallow and knead with Crisco hands. ;)

Knead in food coloring. Roll out & cut or shape.

I like the manta-ray cupcake. ;)

Anna said...

That piggy one is too cute!

Unique2wh0 said...

How fun and CUTE!! How does that stuff taste?? Been wondering that :-)

Little Birdie Secrets said...

It is really sugary and sweet. I am not a big fan, but my kids love it. I like it in small doses. This is why I need the marshmallow recipe. Thanks, Hissyfits and Halos for the recipe!

The name of the store is Home Cake Decorating on Roosevelt near Northgate mall. The woman that owns the store is the Queen of cake decorating and seems to know everything!!

Tiffany said...

I love the piggy!

Jessica said...

i love playing with fondant. i will have to let my kids do it, too.
if you ever want to jump into gumpaste, go here and get this DVD...if you've got a cricut you will LOVE it.
her start to finish DVD comes with a yummy *but not marshmallow* recipe that i always use.

Valerie said...

I use the same MMF recipe that is already posted here but I wanted to add give you the small batch recipe as well.

1 cup mini marshmallows
1TBSP water
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 Cup powdered sugar

microwave the marshmallows & water until they puff up. *if you want all one color now is the time to add it*
Add your powdered sugar. I use my kitchen aid with the dough hook. Love. It. I will usually kneed it for a minute when the KA is done with it, but it makes my life so much easier to do it that way. Also, crisco is your friend don't be afraid to use it. :)

Fondant is addictive. I feel like cakes look naked w/o it. I have issues, I know. ;)

Oh, and by the way, hello. I'm new to your blog. I like it here. :)

The Hatch's said...

Check out for more fondant recipes and other great ideas.

Chelle said...

So fun!!! I'm addicted to marshmellow fondant & everything I know I learned from this website:
I even made a wedding cake out of it..yikes! Have fun & I'll look forward to seeing more fondant creations!

Michaelangelo said...

Marshmallow fondant is the greatest-- easy to make, easy to work with, yummy, and so much cheaper than the regular. :)

Beth said...

I've just whipped up 6 colors of marshmallow fondant for my son's birthday party this weekend - it's SO easy! I found some chocolate marshmallows at the store, and used those (along with food coloring of course) to make black fondant.
My suggestion - add the food coloring RIGHT away after melting marshmallows, and stir with a spoon as long as you can before kneading by hand. That way it's not nearly so sticky and messy. I've also heard that it's best to rub the fondant ball with Crisco & wrap in Saran Wrap overnight before rolling & shaping it.
Can't wait to see what you make with it!

sallgood said...

Here's the link to the fondant recipe my daughter-in-law makes, and it's great!

tallynt said...

That store is the best cake store ever! Whenever, my kids come up with something crazy for me to make I always go there. She is awesome. Glad you liked it.

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