Sunday, April 14, 2013

re-purposed window into message board {michaels re-love challenge}

I have been hard at work on my Michaels re-love challenge and am excited to show you the finished product! 

Remember how I told you I have had this old window sitting in my garage for over a year? I am so excited that it has finally been put to good use!

I decided to take this window and make a big multipurpose message board out of it!

I really liked the rustic look of the old window and how it was distressed, but for this particular project I decided to freshen it up by spray painting it. I taped around the window panes and then covered them with paper so they would not get painted. I sprayed primer first, then white satin spray paint.

Then I painted one of the window panes with chalkboard paint. Michaels carries a chalkboard spray paint that makes it super quick and easy!

I made over another pane into a corkboard. You can buy cork in different sizes at Michaels or you can buy a large roll of it and cut it to fit whatever size you need. Since the window pane was so large, that was the option I went for. I measured it and cut it with an x-acto knife (well actually my husband Kevin did it for me!) I did two layers of it onto the pane so the cork would be thick enough to tack items onto it. I adhered the cork onto the window with my trusty E6000 glue. I am sure you could also use a hot glue gun or different adhesive tapes.

The cork section is great for pinning anything I need! Pictures, grocery lists, coupons, etc.

I made the last pane into a faux whiteboard. I just stuck a piece of white posterboard to the back of the pane and so it has a white background and I can write with dry erase markers right on the glass!

I use this whiteboard section for remembering things that are going on during the week, or messages that I want to write to my family as reminders or love notes.

This project was such a fun project and I will get a lot of use of it in my home now. There are always so many things to keep track of in our family and with this message board I can stay on top of it all!

If you are looking for more ideas on how to re-purpose old windows, check out our altered window frame tutorial and our altered window message board.

Don't forget to check out the Michaels Lookbook for more inspiration for your own re-love and re-purpose projects!

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4 Responses to “re-purposed window into message board {michaels re-love challenge}”

craftykellyj said...

What an amazing idea and simple enough that anyone can do this. Definitely pinning this one for future use.

Unknown said...

Wow, what a great repurpose! Looks awesome!

Maureen Chandler said...

This is a great recycle project - thanks so much for sharing it!

Chrysalis said...

What a brilliant, simple idea! Thank you so much for sharing. xx

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