Thursday, December 8, 2011

foam cone christmas tree tutorial {fabric covered}

Here's the last tree in my foam cone Christmas tree trio. More ruffles, but this time with fabric! See the paper-covered tree here and the ruffled ribbon-covered tree here!

Foam Cone Holiday Tree Tutorial {Fabric Covered}
*Foam cone tree
*Fabric strips (I used about 8" x 44" for my size tree)
*Straight pins
*Candlestick holder for base
*Ribbon for bow topper
*Hot glue gun

1. Cut your fabric into the following size strips:
*1 strip 2" x 44"
*2 strips 1.5" x 44"
*3 strips 1" x 44"
(You may need more or less depending on the size of your foam tree--I used the biggest one I could find.)

Ruffle each strip. Sew a basting stitch 1/4" from the top of the strip all the way across. Pull one of the threads and slide the fabric along the thread to create ruffles. Make sure your ruffles are uniform.

2. Starting with the 2" strip of ruffled fabric, wrap it around the base of the tree, letting it hang over the edge a little. Pin with straight pins as you go, or use a hot glue gun. I chose pins so I can easily change it in the future if I want different fabric!

When the 2" strip is done, add the 1.5" strips, overlapping ends slightly. Then add the 1" strips until you get to the top.

3. Fold ends of fabric over top of cone and pin down. If you have extra fabric, trim end.

4. Trim any stray threads on the ruffles. You can always finish your ruffles by doubling your fabric width for each strip, folding strip in half lengthwise and pressing, then continuing with ruffle instructions. This would make the bottoms of your ruffles finished with no unraveling, but it also adds bulk (and time, and fabric!) to the project. I was going for quick and easy.

5. I added a ribbon bow to the top of the tree with a straight pin.

6. Glue cone to a candlestick holder to give it a base.

If you've been following along, you should now have a pretty little forest of Christmas trees! If not, don't miss the paper tree tutorial  and the ruffled-ribbon tree tutorial to complete the trio!

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3 Responses to “foam cone christmas tree tutorial {fabric covered}”

ilariatj said...

Really very nice..I like this idea!

Karen said...

Oh, I love this! The red and white fabric looks beautiful! I love the other trees as well. Thanks for sharing!!

sewVery said...

I love it! I have a similar one I made with my mom when I was a little girl. I made a new one last week and took pictures intending to create a tutorial. I haven't put together my blog yet, so I don't have it posted. I'll email you a picture. You might decide to make one, too. I like your tree stand idea, too.

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