Thursday, May 19, 2011

easy sports team t-shirts with silhouette heat transfer material

I told you there were more heat transfer material projects coming! I pulled out the heat transfer material that Silhouette sent me and the kids went nuts. They're always asking me to cut shapes for them, and the thought of putting whatever they wanted on a t-shirt was like ice cream for dinner.  They could hardly stand it.
My oldest has been wanting a University of Utah t-shirt for some time, but I am kind of a cheapskate and team shirts are so expensive! But with Silhouette's heat transfer material and the Allstar font (get it free here or here), you can make school shirts for any team for just a few bucks! I used the white flocked heat transfer material and cut out a large "U" for the front and "Go Utes!" for the back.

Here's the quick and dirty how to for Silhouette's heat transfer material. 
1. Create your wording in the Silhouette Studio software. BE SURE TO FLIP HORIZONTALLY SO THE WORDS ARE BACKWARD! Select the appropriate heat transfer medium from the cut menu and cut your letters out of the heat transfer material with the shiny side down.

2. Use a sharp object (I used my Making Memories paper piercer) to remove the parts of the transfer material that you don't want to transfer (like the center of letters).

3. Place your image plastic-side-up on your fabric. 

4. Cover with a cloth. Heat your iron to the Cotton setting and press over each area of the image for 45-60 seconds. 

5. VERY IMPORTANT: Wait until your image has cooled before peeling off the plastic.
Root for your team! 

The other kids chose their own lettering/designs. Our friend Brooklyn wanted her last name with her favorite number, jersey-style.

And my youngest chose this "Go big or go home" design from the Silhouette shop. He's been saying that constantly ever since.

I am loving this heat transfer stuff! You can find it on sale now for 25% off, or if a Silhouette is on your wish list, get one with a 3-pack of heat transfer material for only $219 (over $125 savings) over at Silhouette.  Use code LITTLEBIRDIE. But only through May 25th!

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9 Responses to “easy sports team t-shirts with silhouette heat transfer material”

Anina said...

Oh my goodness! I think I may need one of these!

Anonymous said...

That's so neat! ...except for the "Go Utes" part... ;-) Go Cougs!

Amanda said...

Cute shirts, but "Go Utes"? Maybe this is just because I'm an infertility blogger (and not from Utah), but it sounds more like you're rooting for an organ than a team.

Windie said...

hi - so i'm wondering how you get the special $219 pricing as when i clicked the links you provided the price shows $329.99?

Kayleen said...

I think you are brainwashing your children with the whole Utes thing but pretty cute idea.

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Amanda, hee hee, I've never heard anyone refer to their uterus as a "ute" before, but maybe you could adapt this t-shirt for your readers! Ha! Actually, the word Ute is the name of a prominent Native American tribe in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Ute means "land of the sun" and the state of Utah was named after this tribe. U of U sports teams, students, and alumni are often referred to as "Utes", although it's not the official mascot. :)

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Kayleen, I have to do something to combat all the Cougar propaganda that they are constantly faced with!! :)

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Windie, use the code LITTLEBIRDIE as your discount code when you check out. Sorry, I forgot to include that in the post. Thanks for the heads up! Enjoy your Silhouette machine!

Melynie said...

I'd like one in blue with a Cougar on it. :)

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