Wednesday, December 8, 2010

tiny holiday banner tutorial

We're thrilled about today's guest post from our friend Jennifer! She gets crafty with oilcloth, paper, punches, and glitter to transform her kitchen shelf into festive holiday decor. I can't decide which I want more--the tiny banners or the cute bowls she has on her shelf! Enjoy!

Tiny Holiday Banners & Bunting Tutorial

As my family was growing up, I was always quoting to my kids a saying that I learned at church. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or go without”. I hate going without, so this year I am making do –and its turning into a lot of fun. I was cleaning up my house trying to get it ready for Christmas decorating when I cam across some oilcloth tablecloths leftover from one of my daughter’s weddings. It gave me a great idea.

I measured the oilcloth to fit a shelf that I had in my kitchen and then used a ¾” circle to draw scallops on the oilcloth. After a lot of cutting, I had shelf liners for all five shelves.

They looked pretty cute by themselves, but I decided to decorate them with mini-banners to add a more festive touch. I made two mini banners. The first one was so simple. You just need two things, paper and string. I cut a long diamond shape from red dot paper, folded it in half and glued it to baker’s twine. Ta da! The first banner took me less than an hour, and that includes cutting.

The second banner was made from punches, patterned paper, glitter glue and a digital collage sheet that I bought last year. I punched hearts from red dot paper, circles from green dot paper, and scallops from red paper. I glittered my Santa’s and punched them out with a circle punch. I didn’t want the banner to have a wrong side, so I sandwiched the hearts and circles wrong sides together so that the pattern shows on both sides. I sewed the circles, hearts and scalloped circles all together. Then I glued the glittered Santa’s onto the scalloped circles over the sewing.

I think it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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11 Responses to “tiny holiday banner tutorial”

Midwest Elle said...

I love the look of both banners but am timid in trying to sew paper. My sewing machine is touch and go with fabric so I can't imagine it would handle paper all that well. Do you have any tips on doing this?


Brittanie Gordon said...

IN LOVE! Love it all! And I actually bought that same oil cloth to line my shelves with but couldn't figure out how to attach underneath. The scallops are SO cute and a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea, thank you!

tini-uk said...

What cute little banners, love the one with the Santa's.

Saskia ♥ Stipje ♥ said...

I love the pics a lot.
so verry verry nice.
Margarita from Holland XxX

mcd4jc said...

Jennifer...the banners turned out really cute! I love your kitchen at Christmas...well, really, it's cute all of the time! What would we do without the bakers twine? :)

Tiffany said...

it's the red and white thats doing it for me. i really like it the scalloped edges too. luvly.

Marci said...

So so cute!! I just borrowed my mom's to make some snowflake garland
but I asked Santa for a sewing machine this year... crossing fingers!! Merry Christmas!

Mrs Gable said...

I love this!

Erin said...

Those are wonderful ideas! I love the mantra as well!!!! May have to try these ideas on my yarn shelves.

marta said...

oooh la la. i am loving this post. what a cute crafty christmasy look for your shelves. this reminds me of a book i saw recently, The Farm Chicks Christmas Book. i think you'd really love it, if you haven't seen it already.

anyway, i'm new to your blog and am loving all the fun crafts. am newly addicted to glitter, so i'll be trying those jingle bells!!

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