Friday, December 3, 2010

simple fabric christmas bunting

Last year my Secret Santa (aka my cute friend Annette) gave me this adorable fabric holiday bunting just after Christmas at our work party, so I've had to wait a whole year to use it! I love it. She told me how easy it was to sew up, so I thought I better share.

She started with cute quilting-weight Christmas fabric (this was Michael Miller's Funky Christmas line) and die cut her pennants with a scalloped pennant die cut. But you could easily just cut triangle pennants by hand. In fact, I think the die cutting took her a long time because it didn't always cut all the way through, so hand cutting straight lines would probably be faster!

Each pennant was two pieces to make it double sided, and to give it a little sturdiness. She matched up pennants wrong sides together (so the printed side of the fabric was showing on both sides) and sewed along the long edges with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Next she used a long piece of wide bias tape (you could make your own out of coordinating fabric) and positioned the pennants inside the fold. Then she simply sewed the bias tape closed, encasing the pennants. Be sure to leave a little extra bias tape on each end for hanging your banner. And to make sure you create just the right length banner, check out this tutorial for tons of tips!

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6 Responses to “simple fabric christmas bunting”

KanataNewf said...

this is lovely! And I have my own handmade template from a quilt I did a couple of years ago that would be perfect for cutting these pennant pieces! I must raid my christmas fabrics and give this a try!

Melissa @Lilac Lane said...

Looks beautiful! Thanks for letting me sponsor you.

Danylle McLain said...

This is adorable! I made a felt one this year but nothing near as cute as this. Thanks for sharing it with us!

The Seaman Family said...

I was wondering how you did this...thank you!

Unknown said...

@ reCREATE we gfound a SUPER easy way to make fabric banners... we use sample fabric books.... It is alwaready cut tio the right size AND color coordinated! (Best of all - a whole sample book costs only about $4 to $5. We iron fused on letters we cut with a cricut.

melinda said...

this blog is lovely! i am a new follower of it :) can't wait to try some of these projects!! :) thank you!

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