Wednesday, April 10, 2013

re-purpose, re-love project {michaels challenge}

April is Earth month and Michaels gave me a challenge to find something that I have at home that I can re-purpose into something I love again! Re-love! 

I know many of us have items sitting around our house that we just don't love anymore (or have never loved) and want to do something to spiff them up and make them into something we can use and love. It is a great way to get creative and feel happy that you aren't throwing something in the trash, but actually get something that you love out of it!

So join me this month in finding something in your home to re-purpose and re-love. Here is a sneak peak of a project I am working on this week....

I have had this old window sitting in my garage, taking up space, for a year now. I have had ideas for it and just haven't pulled it out and actually done anything. Well, this is the week. I will show you the finished product early next week, so stay tuned! For some inspiration to get you started on a project you would want to re-love, visit the Michaels Lookbook!

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2 Responses to “re-purpose, re-love project {michaels challenge}”

Maggie Ann said...

I''d like to see what you can do with your window. I too have a couple of windows I've saved. I thought I'd replace the glass with stained glass....maybe.

Colleen said...

So much a person can do with old windows so anxious to see what you do with yours.
If you do decide to use it outside, put decals on the glass to keep the birds from flying into it. Leason learned on my part.
I do have a long narrow window (with small dividers) that I plan on putting family photos behind.

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