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duck tape bag tutorial {girls camp craft}

I was recently asked to be the craft counselor at our church's girls camp this summer (best assignment ever!). So of course I immediately started a YW Girls Camp Pinterest board (follow me here). We wanted to do a pre-camp craft to get the girls excited, so I decided to make these duct tape purses using Duck brand tape (inspired by this post by All Things Thrifty) to hold their secret sister gifts each day. The best part is that if they get dirty you can just wipe them down, plus they're waterproof! Perfect for roughing it.

"Duck" Duct Tape Bag Tutorial


Duct tape (Duck brand has tons of colors and cute prints)
White garbage sack for lining (any plastic sack would work--recycle those Target bags!)
Optional: button for flower center, hot glue to attach it

1. Decide what size you want your finished purse to be. Double the height and add a few inches for the bottom (if you want a flat bottom like mine), and add a few inches to the width for the sides (again, if you want a boxy bag like mine). I cut mine 8" wide and 18" long, so the finished size is about 7.5" tall by 6" wide.  Use a ruler and pen to mark the bag, then cut your plastic bag to these dimensions. This will be the lining of your bag.

2. Cover one side of the bag with tape, keeping in mind that the bag will be folded in half, so each short end will be the top of the bag. You can do horizontal, vertical, or diagonal stripes.

3. Trim the tape flush with the plastic bag and fold in half, lining sides together.

4. Cut a piece of tape a little longer than the side of your bag. Place half of the tape on the side and fold it around to the other side. Now one side of your bag is closed! Repeat on the other side and trim off excess tape on top and bottom.

5. Now you will create the flat bottom of your bag. This part is a little tricky, so use the pictures. Turn your bag so you're looking at the side seam you just created. The bag is currently flat, and if you open it, the bottom corner becomes a point like this.
Push the first point in with your finger.
Then flatten the corner and pinch it closed so it looks like this. 
Repeat with opposite corner. Now you need to secure your corners so they don't come untucked! There are two ways to do this. I chose to put a piece of the same tape I used on the side seams along the outside bottom of the bag

Or you can put a piece of tape along the inside bottom of the bag to secure the corners.

6. The next step is to tape along the raw edge at the top of the bag. I used the same color as my side and bottom seams. This part can also be a little tricky--just expect to have some folds and bubbles in the tape. But you really don't notice them once the purse is done, so don't fret. Carefully fold the tape over the edge all the way around the top. You may want to use shorter pieces of tape instead of one long one.

7. Next come handles. Cut two pieces of tape about 18" long. Fold them in half lengthwise with edges even.

Lay them on the inside edge of the top, overlapping slightly, and tape down. (You can see I started with a wide piece of tape and then decided to cut it down for aesthetic purposes a moment later.) Repeat with second handle on the opposite side.

That's it! If you want to add a decorative flower, here are a couple of ideas.

Pleated Duck Tape Flower

Start by cutting a circle out of a square piece of tape (it doesn't have to look pretty as you can see, just cut off the corners).

Next, cut two pieces of tape about 24" long each. Fold them in half lengthwise, but leave a 1/4" border of stickiness like this.

With the 1/4" sticky side up, press one short edge of one tape strip down on the outer edge of the tape circle. Make a fold or pleat and press down. Continue making pleats, slightly turning around the outside of the circle until you reach the beginning.  

Moving in toward the center of the circle, continue making pleats around. When your first strip ends, add the next strip and continue around until you reach the center.

Duct Tape Fringe Flower

You can also make a cute a fringe flower. Start with the same circle of tape and long strip as the pleated flower.

Make fringe by cutting slits from the folded edge 1/4" apart about half way through the sticky strip (don't cut all the way through!)

Start on the outside edge and press down as you move around the circle. If you run out of strip, make another and keep adding until you reach the center.

When you get to the center, roll the last couple of inches and press the roll down in the center. 

Trim off any excess fringe. Attach flowers with hot glue or even just another piece of duct tape! 

I made simple duct tape tags so the girls would be able to find their secret sister's bag at camp. Cut a piece of tape about 2" long and fold in half. Trim off two corners to make a tag shape. Write names with a permanent marker (like Sharpie).

For our craft night I will get a few more solid colors and a few more printed tapes to give them plenty of variety. Check out Michael's or JoAnn to get a roll with your 40% off coupon. You can also find Duck tape at Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Costco--it's everywhere!
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9 Responses to “duck tape bag tutorial {girls camp craft}”

Amy said...

How many girls did you have to buy supplies for, and what do you think the cost was approximately?

Thanks, this is way cute!

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Hi Amy! We have about 50 girls, but only expect 30 to come to camp. So for those girls plus leaders, we'll probably make about 45 bags (so we have a few extra on hand, just in case). We have purchased about 10 rolls of duct tape, and then encouraged the girls to bring any they may have or want to use. If you are able to use coupons at Michael's, JoAnn, or Hobby Lobby, you can get them for about $3 a roll. Then if you use grocery bags or someone donates a few trash bags, the lining is pretty much free. That works about to be less than a dollar per bag!

Anonymous said...

You can also get duck tape at the 99cent Store. They have all the patterns, and so much cheaper!

Unknown said...

I think I'll give this a try with my 6 year old, she'll get a kick out of it :)


Kathryn said...

Which dollar store did you see them at? I hope I can find them there. I went to dollar tree here in San Jose but they didn't have any.

Kathryn said...

Just a heads up... We did this tonight for mutual. The girls made scripture cases to take to camp. I bought 8 rolls of tape; 5 solid colors and 3 patterned. We had 10 girls who each made one bag. Two of the girls made a bag that used double the amount of tape that was allotted. We completely ran out of all of the black, white, yellow and turquoise. Tee green is halfway gone. Two of the patterned tapes are nearly gone, maybe 1/3 of the roll is left. So I just wanted to warn you that 10 rolls won't be enough for 45 bags. Best of luck! My girls were so engrossed in the project, they didn't even want to stop to eat cookies. Great project!!

Unknown said...

My girls are currently putting these together as it is a rainy summer day. It's fun to see their personalities come out - one is very exacting about her design, the other made a patchwork, silver plaid. My oldest has designed pockets for the inside and outside - two for the inside: one for a phone, the other for pencil lead and a sharpener, the outside one for pencils and an eraser. Thx for the instructions!

kbrebes said...

Our activity girls are making this next week. I bought fifty cent portfolio plastic notebooks at Target that they can just tape over and around the edges. Thanks so much for the tutorial and all the comments!

Unknown said...

How much do you sell them for?

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