Monday, October 1, 2012

simple and fast sewing pattern {fingerless gloves}

We have a great guest tutorial from our friend at The Quilt Pattern Shoppe. Enjoy!
You do not need to be an expert in order to sew some truly creative and unique pieces of apparel. There are plenty of simple projects that while low on the difficulty scale, also result in amazing designs you can actually wear with pride. Even if you are very good at sewing, having some quick projects that do not require a ton of time is always nice. You can start sewing and have something new to wear in less than an hour! Sewing fingerless gloves from an old sweater is easy, fun, and a great way to recycle old clothing.

(Photo Credit: AnnaKika of Flickr)

There are plenty of benefits to using old sweaters for fabric. One of the best things is that most of the sewing is done for you! You also do not have to worry about knitting or other more difficult skills. Additionally, using fabric you already have will save the money and hassle of buying from a craft store. Quilting patterns are also a great use for old fabric.

First, trace your forearm and hand onto a piece of paper with your fingers together and the thumb facing out. This is your pattern. The pattern should extend to the first knuckle of your hand and then down as far as you want. Some people prefer their gloves to go all the way down to the elbow, while others stop at the wrist. The great thing about doing this yourself is that the details are up to you!

(Photo Credit: AnnaKika of Flickr)

Next, pin your pattern onto the fabric. Depending on the size of the sweater, you might be able to use the sleeves for this. Doing so will save you some work! Once the pattern is pinned, carefully cut around it. It is best to use a flat and clean surface for this.

Cut two layers for the front and back of the glove. Once the first glove is cut out, flip the pattern and cut out the second one. Make sure you flip it, otherwise you will have two of the same hand.

Pin both sides of the fabric together, with the inside of the fabric facing out. This is actually the inside of the glove. If you were able to use the sleeves, some of the sewing will already be done for you. If not, sew up the sides and between the thumb and finger holes. Use small and even stitches, a slip stitch is best.

You will have to turn in any raw edges, otherwise the fabric will unravel. Turn them in about 1/4 inch and sew a seam. This will give you a nice and clean edge.

(Photo Credit: AnnaKika of Flickr)

Turn your glove right side out and see if it fits. You now have a snugly, fashionable, and unique piece of apparel to wear! Show off your new accessory and start thinking about your next project.

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2 Responses to “simple and fast sewing pattern {fingerless gloves}”

megan said...

This is great! I'm not the world's greatest sewer, so I'm always intimidated, so I'm going to give these a try!

CrochetBlogger said...

Love the idea of upcycling old sweaters in this smart way. I like to harvest the yarn from old sweaters and re-use it in creative ways too.

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