Thursday, July 15, 2010

triple berry jam

This week I went raspberry picking with some friends and we picked the most gorgeous, voluptuous berries I have seen. I couldn't stop picking because I kept finding more beauties.

I brought them home to their death by food processor and whipped up some of my favorite jam. I found this recipe last year in the Ball Blue Book of Preserving. In the book it is called Berry-Cherry Jam, but I always call it triple berry jam even though I'm pretty sure that cherries aren't even a berry. My favorite part about this jam is it is low sugar. You really just taste fruit and I love that. I have used raspberries in place of the strawberries, and also have swapped the amounts of cherries and strawberries. Put in the most of whichever fruit you like, just keep the overall measurements the same. This recipe makes 3 pint jars, but usually I double the recipe below so I have 6 pints.

Triple Berry Jam
by Ball
1 quart strawberries
1/2 pint sweet cherries
1/2 pint blackberries
1 cup water
1 package no sugar needed powdered pectin

Wash fruit. Drain. Stem and crush strawberries. Pit and crush cherries. Combine strawberries, cherries, blackberries, water and pectin in a large saucepot stirring to dissolve pectin. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Add sweetener according to package pectin guidelines if desired. Boil 1 minute, stirring constantly. If gel starts to form before 1 minute, remove from heat. Ladle hot jam into hot jars leaving 1/4 inch head space. Remove air bubbles, adjust 2 piece caps. Process 10 minutes in a boiling water bath canner.

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11 Responses to “triple berry jam”

Unknown said...

Yum! i love jam but never tried triple berry jam.

Carolyn said...

I love canning and making jam. I will be making this one this week. Thank you.

Ashley said...

That looks awesome! I just made jam for the first time a few weeks ago, so now I am ready to try some new recipes! I have raspberries on my property, so might have to try this one!

kylie said...

this jam looks wonderful. am sure i can make some in the summertime when the queensland strawberries are in season. but just wondering if you can tell me what '1 package no sugar needed powdered pectin' is ?

love your blog!


Little Birdie Secrets said...

You can buy pectin at the store that says on it, NO sugar needed. Mine was the sure-gel brand and it just says that on the front of the box. This way you can add as much or as little sugar as you like.

paula said...

That looks really yummy. However when I go berry picking it is at the local grocery store:( No berry's could survive 115 in sunny AZ. I'm jealous.

I made strawberry/blueberry jam last year and it was super good, thanks for the new recipe.

Miles Of Style said...

delish looking pictures!

just stumbled across your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other! =)


Vina said...

I am sooo grateful to have just discovered your amazing blog! I'm in love with your crochet creations..butterfly, flower & pretty heart!
Thank you so much for sharing your video tutorials..I'm a new fan!
Off to find my crochet needles!
Take care, Vina

Sheila said...

Did you pick at Biringer Farms? I'm going there this week and I hope there are some left. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the recipe! Lovei it!

Amy {The Idea Room} said...

Yum! I must try this one! I love homemade jams! Thanks for sharing!

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