Saturday, March 9, 2013

spring table centerpiece idea {and a silhouette double-sided adhesive banner}

I am still relatively furniture-less (why am I so indecisive?), so I have been relying on my kitchen table to satisfy my need to decorate with seasonal tablescapes. (Love that word, by the way, if it really is a word. Sometimes I make things up.) Anyway, here are a few ideas to get your creative "tablescaping" juices flowing (now I know I made that word up).

Instead of a tablecloth, which might have fought with the display, I used a long piece of kraft wrapping paper as a table runner. This is one of my favorite ways to dress up a tablescape because it doesn't matter if it gets dirty, and it's waaay cheaper than a good tablecloth!

Next, pull out all those apothecary jars you have left over from that candy centerpiece you did for your last birthday party or shower. I love using these for every season--just fill it with something colorful or symbolic of the time of year. Depending on how many you have, that could be your centerpiece right there. I filled this one with Robin Eggs candy. Dangerous, I know, but so colorful and cute!

I "filled" this apothecary jar with a decorative bird's nest with the sweetest blue robins eggs in it (non-candy variety). I stacked it on a few books to give it some height.

I loved this darling tin tub with burlap and "No. 4" stenciled on it. I found it at Taipan Trading in Utah, but you could easily reproduce it with a tub of your own, a small piece of burlap, a stencil, and a black Sharpe marker! I filled it with faux potted tulips (I added a few more after this photo because it was looking a bit bare, but you get the idea).

I also added a couple of other fresh-looking spring pieces (more silk flowers, a ceramic bird, and a moss-covered bunny), then anchored it with a green wreath in the center. After I had it all put together, I thought the wreath looked a little bare, and I also wanted to make it more of an Easter display rather than simply Spring, so I added an Easter bunting featuring the words "He Is Risen". Here's how to make one:

Cut the pennants out of book pages either by hand or with a die cut machine (I used my Silhouette SD). Next cut the letters out of double-sided adhesive paper (mine is from Silhouette). See this tutorial for more into on this great stuff! Then add silver German glitter glass to the adhesive letters and hang the pennants on some baker's twine.

And, since I"m completely incapable of simplicity, I added a few embellishments, like yellow pom-pom trim. . .
 . . .and little paper flowers from Bazzill. But that is entirely up to you and how crazy you personally are.

Then I hung it on my wreath.

My poor family is getting used to eating at the table but not being able to see each other over the various vases and floral arrangements I've been covering the kitchen table with. I'm just too lazy to move it. Plus it just makes me so happy to look at my little piece of Spring while this winter drags on!

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