Monday, March 18, 2013

changeable picture frame {cre8time project}

I've had so much fun adding more creativity to my life with my CRE8TIME challenge!

Thanks to a challenge from Michaels who joined the CRE8TIME movement, I have been having fun making cards, journals, and this changeable picture frame. You are going to love this simple project. You can make several of them in a day and they make great gifts!

Find a picture frame that you love, or re-purpose one that you don't like! You can even make one yourself if you are feeling extra creative. I went with an 8x10 frame, but you can choose whatever size you like depending on what you will clip onto the frame.

I spray painted this frame yellow...we all know it is one of my favorite colors!

Then find a piece of patterned paper that you love and insert it into the frame (once it is dry if you have painted it of course!)  The great thing is that you can continuously change out the paper as often as you like. This is perfect for me, because I always want an easy way to switch up my decor. I have so much patterned paper; I will never get sick of what is in the frame!

After you have your frame and paper all ready to go, you need a bulldog clip and some E6000 glue (or super glue, or hot glue if you prefer). Glue your bulldog clip towards the top center part of the glass on your frame.

Press it firmly on the glass and allow it to dry completely. Make sure you use a good amount of glue so that the clip will stay adhered to the glass.

Now, here's the cool part.
You can clip anything you want onto this frame! I love this concept because I am constantly taking updated photos of my boys and I like to change them often. Sometimes I want to change out pictures to look at something different for a while. The boys really enjoy seeing the new pictures getting clipped onto the frame.

You can also use the frame for love notes! I have put my frame on the counter in the morning where I know my husband will see it before he leaves for work...

I've even used it for leaving messages, when I want to be sure my family will see them!

That's what I love so much about this! You can completely customize it for you...make several of them in different colors, change out your patterned papers, make several different sized frames, and clip on whatever you want! So, get creative. That's the whole goal of CRE8TIME anyway, right? Carve some time out of your day and create. You know you want to.

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One Response to “changeable picture frame {cre8time project}”

Maureen Chandler said...

What a super idea - I have tons of photos and this would enable me to keep the current one on top! Thanks so much!

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