Wednesday, December 17, 2008

apron gift set

Here's another pretty quick and easy last-minute gift idea for all you procrastinators. We love the idea of a matching apron and oven mitt for the chef in your life. We made these up without a pattern, but we've included a list of free apron patterns below for those of you who aren't quite as confident in your sewing skills as our Stacy.

We don't have a full tutorial for these cute things, but here's a quick synopsis for those of you who are "sew" savvy:

You need about a yard of fabric for each apron. Cut two four-inch wide strips the length of the fabric. Sew them together to make one long tie. Then, using the remaining fabric as the body of the apron, hem three of the sides, leaving the top edge raw. Gather or pleat this side and sew it to the apron tie, right sides together. Fold the apron tie over, iron the fold, and sew it closed. Embellish by making a ruffle out of strips of fabric with the sides serged (or overcast stitched). I love this little ruffle look. You can also use ric rac or ribbon. So many possibilities. The tie is long enough to wrap around the back and tie in the front in a cute bow.

So, if that was all gibberish to you, here are links to over 50 free apron patterns. An apron and matching oven mitt has got to fit the bill of someone on your list. And there are still 7 days left to craft--you can do it!


  1. these are all great gift ideas!! I love the scarf and am thinking of having my kids help me make one for their teacher. But I was wondering if you had any "teacher appropriate" gift. I'm also thinking the hot coco would be good.
    Do you know how to make those dough ornaments? I'm trying to plan out activities for Christmas break with my kids.
    Sorry I'm so demanding ;)

  2. I have been so fascinated and obsessed with vintage aprons lately! I am so glad you posted this! I think I'd like to make a matching mother/daughter apron set for my 6 year-old this Christmas! (She loves to match with me!) She is getting a cupcake party kit and an apron would be awesome to go with it! Thanks!!

  3. The fabric you used is soooo cute!

  4. I am in love with this one. I might not have time to do it for the holidays as I have a few other sewing projects to finish up, but i'm definetly adding this to my list for after the holidays. I can't wait!

  5. Hi Courtney B!

    You are not demanding :) I don't know how to make the dough ornaments--yet! Yes, the hot cocoa and fruit potpourri are great teacher gifts. The bath bombs have been a hit too. There are so many options out there. We gave our teachers scrabble tile pendants and journals that the kids helped make. Good luck. I hope you find the perfect gift out there!

  6. Thank you so much for the pattern links. I actually make and sell aprons and love finding new designs! Merry Christmas!

  7. Just love this idea! I linked to it on my blog: where I'm collecting creative ideas for what we little elves are up to before Christmas! Thanks for the idea!!

  8. I know this was an old post, but on the ruffle I have a question. I just learned how to make ruffles, and would just iron down the side then gather stitch it in the middle of the riffle?